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Safiro Wealth Management actively helps individuals, entrepreneurs and companies through its consultancy.

In addition, we are always ready to offer a helping hand to non-profit organizations that support meaningful projects and talk about important topics.

Our last big success was the benefit auction of Czech and Slovak works of art, for which we auctioned works worth 936,000 CZK for Spondea. After deducting the fee for artists, SPONDEA received a financial donation of 560,000 CZK for their work with children at risk of family violence.

You can find out more about the June auction called Everyday Heroes at the website https://hrdinovevsednihodne.cz/.

Last year, we also provided a financial donation to the Home of the Holy Family, which takes care of clients with intellectual and multiple disabilities all year round.

WE ARE an active member of:
- Strategic council for Family Businesses
- Czech-Israeli Mixed Chamber of Commerce, where we were one of the main partners of the Arnošt Lustig Prize
- Czechoslovak Institute of Foreign Affairs
- Czech Economic Forum
- Association of Family Businesses

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